They invent a microchip that can extend battery life from months to years


A smaller chip than a coin could extend the life of our batteries in a fairly simple way: reducing the energy use of the devices. Find out how the new system devised by engineers at the University of California works.

The chip could significantly reduce the use of energy, or directly eliminate the need to replace the batteries used by Internet of Things (IOT) devices, a concept coined to refer to all everyday objects connected to the network: from coffee makers , light switches to toys.
How does it work? The chip “awakens” the device’s functions only when they need to be started, and allows it to “sleep” the rest of the time; So reduce energy use. To carry out its task, the chip needs only 22.3 nanowatts, about half a millionth of the energy needed to operate an LED light.
The technology is useful for applications that do not always need to transmit data, such as IOT devices.

“The problem now is that these devices do not know exactly when to synchronize with the network, so they periodically wake up to do so, even when there is nothing to communicate. This ends up costing a lot of energy,” said Patrick Mercier, one of the engineers who He developed the project.

Energy saving chip

“By adding an activation receiver, we could improve the battery life of small devices from months to years,” he added, according to public University.

Chip features

The activation receiver is a ultra low power chip which continuously searches for a signal that tells you when to activate the device and when to leave it idle.
A key part of the design of this receiver is that it points to radio signals of greater frequency than other receivers; which allowed researchers to develop a very small device without needing an antenna and transformer, among other components.
This alarm receiver can also do something that others nanowatt receivers They can’t: work well in a wide range of temperatures. “For indoor use, this is not a big problem. But for outdoor use, it needs to work in a wide temperature window. We deal specifically with that in this work,” Mercier said.

Energy saving chip


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