They had to expel Man City right away from L.L.


Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has criticized UEFA’s decision to impose a penalty on Manchester City not to play in the Euros for two seasons and at the same time to allow the Nationals to play in the Champions League season. According to him, that decision could become a laughing stock if City wins the tournament.

“I can’t believe City are still involved. And it’s not because I’m a former Liverpool player. What happens if they win the Champions League this season? This will make UEFA’s decision a laughing stock. The first question to Pep Guardiola will be be: “Was that a fake triumph? If they win, their success will be ruined, but it will remain the greatest achievement in their history. UEFA had to expel City from the Champions League right away or postpone the penalty for the end of the season, “commented Karagar.

As it is known, Manchester City will play with Real (Madrid) in the 1/8-finals in the FA.

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