Their baby coughs, the whole family is expelled from a flight to Paris


A Canadian family was evicted from a Quebec-Paris flight because their baby was coughing, although the doctor on board assured that the little girl could perfectly travel.

The cough of a 21-month-old baby frightened passengers on an Air Transat plane connecting Quebec City to Paris on Sunday, February 23. After numerous complaints, the family was disembarked from the plane, which was still on the tarmac, Radio Canada reports.

Although the parents had their little girl consulted by a doctor before departure and the latter gave a favorable opinion, they had no written evidence to present to the staff.

Thereafter, it was the ship’s doctor who examined the little girl and ensured that she was perfectly able to travel. The captain still called MedLink, who advised him not to take off in the presence of the little girl, who had a temperature of 39.6 ° C. The family was then escorted out of the plane by a customs officer.

“Fear is more contagious than the virus”

The incident sparked outrage from Canadian director of public health Horacio Arruda, who said “Shocked by what the family suffered”, considering that “Unfortunately fear is more contagious than the virus”.

The parents decided to file a lawsuit against the company in order to be compensated for the cancellation of their vacation. According to La Dépêche, Air Transat has agreed to reimburse plane tickets worth more than 3,000 dollars, or more than 2,700 euros.


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