The worst day since its appearance … Corona has claimed the largest number of dead in 24 hours


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China witnessed the worst days of the war that doctors are fighting to combat the spread of the new Corona virus, as Sunday, the Chinese health authorities recorded the highest daily death rate since the outbreak of the disease.

With this increase of 97 cases, the total number of confirmed deaths from “new coronavirus pneumonia” – according to the Chinese National Health Commission’s designation – has risen to 910, all but two recorded in Chinese territory, according to newspaper “South China Morning Post”.

The National Health Committee said Monday morning that more than 3 thousand new infections were recorded by midnight on Sunday, for a total of more than 40,000 cases, including 6,500 people in critical condition, and 3,281 people with HIV recovered and left hospitals.

The SARS virus that appeared in China and other parts of Asia between 2002 and 2003 killed nearly 800 people, according to WHO data, but the death rate was high (approximately 10%) compared to 2% for the new Corona virus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said a team of international experts led by the organization has gone to Beijing to help with investigations into the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

The organization’s director-general, Tedros Adhanom Gebresus, who visited Beijing for talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Chinese ministers in late January, had returned after agreeing to send an international mission there.

And it took about two weeks to get the government’s approval of the squad, which was not announced except to say that its boss is veteran physician at the World Health Organization Bruce Elward, a Canadian specialist in epidemics and emergencies.

“I was just at the airport to bid farewell to the members of an advance team for the WHO-led international experts mission to China, headed by Dr. Bruce Illward, who has extensive experience in previous public health emergencies,” Tedros wrote in a Twitter Tweet from Geneva.


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