The U.S. sent tactical bombers to the Taiwan Strait against China practicing in the region


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The US administration sent two B-52 tactical bombers to the Taiwan Strait, where the Chinese army was conducting exercises.

Taiwan National Defense Ministry, The US Air Force’s Taiwan Strait 2 B-52 type tactical bomber and an MC-130J Commando II refueling tanker announced it was sending the jet.

According to the ministry’s statement, his planes were closely watched during his arrival in Taiwan, no explanation was made from the USA.

The development occurred after the Chinese army held a drill recently in the strait, which separated the mainland China from Taiwan.

Chinese army jets, bombers, destroyers, and frigates were in the throat as part of the 9 February exercises.

Joint exercises between the Chinese Air Force and the navy took place in the Taiwan Strait on February 10.

The statement from the Chinese Ministry of Defense stated that the exercise was a necessary step to address the current security situation in the Taiwan Strait and to protect China’s sovereignty.


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