The truth about the “Ice Age” myths that British newspapers have allegedly approached


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“Climatefeedback” denied the article published by the British newspaper “The Sun” about the sun entering a strange phenomenon that occurs every 400 years once called a hibernation of the sun, and as a result it will enter the Earth in an ice age, as claimed by the British newspaper.

The site denied all the contents of the article, “The Sun”, and confirmed that this nonsense came from the wrong interpretation of a press statement issued by “NASA” in June 2019, about a study on the 11-year cycle that continues in the solar activity, and the press statement stated: ” Projections for the next solar cycle indicate that it will be the weakest during the past hundred years, measured in terms of the number of sunspots, which is a standard measure of the level of solar activity and can be 30 to 50% less than the general condition.

AndSite confirmed Climatefeedback said that the information published by the British newspaper is scientifically inaccurate. The NASA statement was clarifying that the solar point at which the solar cycle ends and a new cycle begins, it will already be in 2020, and the solar activity will be relatively weak, but that will not affect the form The cataclysmic ice that the Sun called.

More importantly, the most recent predictions about the solar cycle came from the NOAA weather forecasting center, and indicates that the next solar cycle No. 25 “will be of medium intensity and is similar to the 24th cycle,” which is the solar cycle ending in 2020.

The British newspaper, “The Sun” had claimed that the sun will enter into a strange phenomenon that occurs every 400 years once called the solar hibernation, in which scientists expect to affect the planet and cause waves of frost and lack of food.

The summer also quoted scientists as saying that they warned that the earth might face extremely cold weather and severe snowstorms over the next three decades, when solar energy is at its lowest level because it enters a natural and periodic “hibernation” that is repeated every 11 years once.

But the site “climatefeedback” denied all these rumors, saying “Do not support scientific lies (Ice Age) for 30 years,” referring to the article written by the British newspaper “The Sun”.

The news was modified after reviewing the facts


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