The Syrian army is advancing towards Idlib on several axes


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During their operations in Idlib, the Syrian Army units advanced on several axes towards the city of Saraqib in Idlib countryside, north of the international road to Aleppo-Lattakia and 4 villages belonging to the Abu Dahour district, after violent battles against terrorist groups in it.

AndMale reporter SANA: “The army units, after liberating the villages of Gobas, San and Tarnbah yesterday, intensified their operations on the axis of the city of Saraqib in the southeastern countryside of Idlib and liberated the village of Neirab, north of the international road Aleppo-Lattakia after destroying the fortifications of the terrorists and several of their sites and forcing them to flee and cut the supplies of the terrorists between Saraqib And Jericho. ”

The correspondent added: “Units of the army carried out operations against terrorist gatherings and fortifications on the Abu al-Dahour axis, which will observe the liberation of the villages of al-Wasitiya, al-Raqm, Balaisa, and Tal Agr after eliminating a number of terrorists and destroying weapons and ammunition that were in their possession, and thus the army units reduced the distance between the liberated areas and the city of Saraqib from Several axes amid successive collapses of terrorists in the region. ”

“The army units are currently engaged in violent clashes with terrorist groups in the vicinity of the villages of Kadur and Ruwaiha, southwest of Saraqib, amid a state of collapse among the terrorists after their first lines and fortifications were destroyed,” the reporter stressed.

During the past few days, the army units advanced on the axis of Saraqib and liberated the villages of Gubas, San, Tanqarati, Kafrbatikh, and Kafrdadikh in the southeast Idlib countryside after violent battles with terrorist organizations, extending their military operations in the direction of the city of Saraqib.


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