The story: When the president attacks the government, the first suffers


Rumen Radev followed the path of Zhelyu Zhelev, Petar Stoyanov and Georgi Parvanov, attacking the executive branch.

There is one significant difference, however – the current president is in no way affiliated with the government of Boyko Borisov. Radev is the discovery of the largest BSP opposition party and personally of Cornelia Ninova. The current president, from the beginning of his election campaign to the present day, has firmly played the role of opposition to GERB and personally to a competitor of Boyko Borisov.

Zhelyu Zhelev convenes a press conference at the Boyana residence on August 30, 1992, and sharply criticizes the UDF government, led by Prime Minister Filip Dimitrov. The accusations are that it started a war with the media, unions, the church, the presidential institution. According to analysts, the so-called “Boyansky Meadows” caused the removal of Stefan Savov from the presidency in the National Assembly and the split of the UDF. Philip Dimitrov wants a vote of confidence and the blue government falls.The government of Lyuben Berov was elected, followed by the MRF and Multigroup leader Ilia Pavlov.
Philip Dimitrov himself, now a constitutional judge, accuses the parliament of the MRF and the BSP of overthrowing “the first democratic government just when the Bulgarian economy begins to get back on track”.

Zhelev practically torpedoes the political power that makes him president. After Berov came to power the BSP with Prime Minister Jean Videnov.

In 2017, Alexander Yordanov, a former UDF parliamentary speaker who today is a MEP, calls Zhelyu Zhelev’s historic mistake in attacking the government of Philip Dimitrov. A major mistake of the blue president was the belief that reforms without the BSP could not be done in Bulgaria.

Petar Stoyanov, who becomes president, confronts Prime Minister Ivan Kostov with the winged reply “Ivan, tell yourself! They will understand you! ”Thus, the Head of State expects to talk about corruption, transition and mistakes. To this day, Stoyanov, who is just one kind and sympathetic former head of state, admits that he started this debate early. Either way, he loses some of the confidence of the UDF and his second term.

Georgi Parvanov has a long, delicate verbal battle with Prime Minister Sergei Stanishev. Stanishev is a protégé of the red president, who is making personal efforts for him to head the BSP exactly. Analysts say that in 2012 was the most powerful battle between the Red Lobbies to lead the party. Then both Parvanov and Stanishev enter the battle over who to occupy the top of the BSP, which the president loses.
Today he is something of an honorary leader of boutique ABV and Stanishev is one of the most famous European socialists.

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