The story of a woman who called herself a viral patient to save herself from the aggressor


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A woman living in Jinshan County, China, said she recently returned from Wuhan City (the center of the coronavirus outbreak) and threatened the rape and robber who attacked her home.

The incident happened on January 31, according to the Dailyhunt website. The rapist entered the house of a sleeping woman. He heard a transgressive footstep, woke up and shouted aloud. The criminal grabbed her by the neck, closed her mouth and tried to rape the woman.

At this time, the homeowner decided to frighten the aggressor by pretending to be a Corona virus. “I have just returned from Wuhan and the symptoms of the virus have appeared in me,” he coughed, “so I sit at home not to infect others.” Hearing his words, the attacker fled. It was later revealed that he stole a smartphone and 3.08 thousand yuan (about $ 400) in cash.

The Chinese woman approached the police and wanted the offenders on the list. Soon, the attacker himself went to the police and confessed to the crime. He turned out to be a 25-year-old resident of Chongqing who fled his home after arguing with his family.

It was reported earlier that a woman with coronavirus was born healthy in a maternity home in Harbin, China, in Heilongjiang province. Doctors rated the baby’s health ten-to-ten on the Apgar scale.


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