‘The snowflakes were like bullets, the scoop operator found the van buried 6 meters, the contents hit the glass to’ save ‘.


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Bahçesaray Youth Sports Manager Affar Orhan, who participated in the search activities after the avalanche disaster that 33 people died in Van, and Harun Ayhan, the scoop operator who saved 5 people from the van, participated in the Evening Broadcast live at RS FM with Atilla Güner. Orhan said, “Snowflakes were like bullets. Without Harun, those people would not survive. ”

Affar Orhan explained what happened during the night rescue activities in the avalanche disaster in the Bahçesaray district of Van in a live broadcast:

“At night, in an area of ​​nearly 1000 square meters, the van was lost in the snow. We could not find. There is such a type that the snowflakes hit the face of a person like a bullet. We dig with shovels, bare hands, whoever came. The vehicle came under 6 meters of snow. We are here, this is an avalanche zone. If the second avalanche that occurred today occurred last night, we were talking about maybe 1000 dead today. Bahçesaray is a small place, but whoever heard it came immediately. While we were there, our relative, who was the operator of the scoop, called Harun Ayhan, showed great heroism. There were dozens of machines. None of the operators could download those vehicles to the scene. Harun showed great heroism. He lowered his vehicle there. He lowered his place backhoe Aaron dares no operator in Turkey and found the van. 3000 people could not do the work of the construction machine. It was an extraordinarily miraculous thing. We had a great despair. People survived thanks to Harun. It took us 6 hours to get people out of the van. We survived 8 people, 2 people died on the road. ”

Harun Ayhan, the scoop operator Orhan described as ‘hero’, described how he found the van and how the survivors got rid of in the Evening Post live broadcast:

“I felt time was running out. I really thought I should do this. From the point where the avalanche went to the valley, I released the bucket whatever God gave. Towards the valley. The detector could not find the minibus called. They also searched with rods and could not find. I drew a canal with a full construction machine, I hit the tire of the car by chance and left, and found the van. We found the van 15 minutes after downloading. While digging around, we saw someone hitting the window of the van. AFAD team immediately broke the window and saved the minibus. ”


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