The saga ended – Bozhinov returned to Italian football


Valeri Bozhinov has officially returned to Italian football.

After a few days of saga sending him between different clubs of the Apennines, Bozhinov chose the second division Pescara.

The Italian Adriatic Coast Club holds the 10th place in the Serie B, but it does not hide its ambitions for promotion, which is only 5 points apart, due to the leveling strength of all teams in the league.

Bozhinov’s teammate will be national Ivaylo Chochev, who has not yet recorded minutes because he has been recovering from a broken cap for almost a year.

The coach of the Dolphins is Nicolas Legrotalie, with whom Bojinov was a teammate at Juventus, and the former defender of the Italian national team is well aware of the qualities of his new player.

Pescara will be the 16th club in Bojinov’s career and eighth in Italy. He last played the Apennines in 2015, defending the colors of Ternan.

Until recently, it was believed that Bozhinov would prefer Sicilian Catania, where former Serie A goalkeeper Cristiano Lucarelli is coached.

However, his team is in the third level of local football, which tilted the scales in favor of Pescara, where the financial conditions are better.

Pescara was my first choice, so did Cristiano Lucarelli. At one point I said yes to Catania as I did not believe that Pescara would make an official offer on Monday. I apologize to Lucarelli, but he was a football player and he will understand“, Bozhinov shared after his signature.

Photo: Twitter Pescara Calcio

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