The Russian fleet is active on the shores of the United States


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The US Department of Defense released the “Russian and Chinese Naval Forces Operations Map”.

It denotes This map indicates that the Russian and Chinese navies have intensified their activity in the recent period, according to “The Drive”.

According to the “map”, which does not mention when the aforementioned operations were monitored and does not specify the marine vessels that carried out these operations, the ships of the Russian fleet intensified their activities on the coast of the southeastern United States, in the North Atlantic Ocean, and in the Caribbean. The “map” also referred to “major operations” in the Arctic.

The admiral of the American fleet, Andrew Lewis, noted that the East American coast is no longer a safe haven for the American fleet because of the Russian submarines.

For his part, Russian Admiral Viktor Kravchenko, former chief of staff of the Russian naval forces, said that the eastern and western coasts of the United States have not and will not be a safe haven for American submarines, noting that “Russian sailors are fulfilling their missions in various regions of the world including the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.”


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