The Russian ambassador to China hopes to evacuate all citizens by Wednesday


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Andrei Denisov, Russian Ambassador to China, expressed today, Tuesday, his hope to complete the evacuation of Russian citizens from Hubei Province, which is witnessing the outbreak of a new type of corona virus, by tomorrow.

Beijing – Sputnik. “It can be said that the active stage of preparation for the evacuation of Russian citizens has begun. Yesterday morning, two of our employees went to Wuhan to resolve issues related to the evacuation of our citizens, we sent buses to various points in Hubei Province to assemble our citizens,” the diplomat said.
The ambassador added that the diplomats are trying to ensure that all these buses, including from Wuhan, will arrive at the airport on Tuesday.

Denisov continued: “Early this morning, we received final written permission to fly our planes, planes on the way, and we expect today, and tonight, to be able to send our citizens home.”

Denisov concluded, explaining that there are no Russian infected.

Data from China indicates that the number of confirmed deaths in the country as a result of the new Corona virus has risen to 425 people and infections to 20,400 cases.

China has taken strict measures to prevent the spread of the virus, including quarantining more than 50 million people in Wuhan and Hubei, the central province with its capital, Wuhan.


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