The richest countries in the world … How much is your country’s wealth?


Americans hold nearly 30% of the wealth of the entire world, but it appears that other countries are trying to catch up with them – despite the big gap – as the total wealth of the entire Asia region was higher than the United States.

It came in World Wealth Report Credit Suisse, whose researchers define wealth or “net worth” as the sum of financial assets minus any debt, is a simplified method that is similar to preparing a balance sheet for families and companies.

In total, the report indicated that global wealth reached $ 360 trillion in 2019, an annual increase of 2.6%, and the world added 47 million new millionaires, and the average wealth for every adult reached $ 70.8 thousand, expecting the growth of the total wealth of the earth’s population to $ 459 trillion by the year 2024.

The United States, China and Europe accounted for the most growth in global wealth last year, adding each of them $ 3.8 trillion, $ 1.9 trillion and $ 1.1 trillion, respectively.

But the highest rates of wealth growth during 2019 were in India, whose wealth increased by 5.2%, followed by the Latin American region by 4.9%, then North America by 3.7%.

The ranking of the world’s ten richest countries in terms of wealth is as follows.

1- The United States ($ 106 trillion)

2- China ($ 63.8 trillion)

3- Japan ($ 25 trillion)

4- Germany ($ 14.6 trillion)

5- United Kingdom ($ 14.3 trillion)

6- France ($ 13.7 trillion)

7- India ($ 12.6 trillion)

8- Italy ($ 11.3 trillion)

9 – Canada ($ 8.5 trillion)

10 – Spain ($ 7.7 trillion)

The rankings of the richest Arab countries and the Middle East are as follows.

25- Saudi Arabia ($ 1.5 trillion)

27- Turkey ($ 1.3 trillion)

32- Israel ($ 1 trillion)

35- Emirates ($ 922 billion)

36- Egypt ($ 898 billion)

40- Iran ($ 775 billion)

51- Kuwait ($ 405 billion)

54- Qatar ($ 328 billion)

55- Iraq ($ 327 billion)

59- Morocco ($ 305 billion)

Among the most prominent countries as well, Russia’s wealth reached $ 3 trillion in the eighteenth place globally, while Lebanon’s wealth amounted to $ 232 billion in the sixty-fifth place.

According to an analysis For the site Statistics “How Match”, the Americans’ wealth with the highest wealth due to the amazing growth in the net worth of its wealthy class.

For example, the wealth of the 500 richest people in the world grew (Many of them are concentrated in America According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index), it increased by $ 1.2 trillion over the past year alone, bringing their total wealth to $ 5.9 trillion, which is more than the combined wealth of Africa’s continent, which amounts to $ 4.11 trillion.

Another notable pattern from Credit Suisse data analysis is that inequality has increased from countries other than the United States. A good example of this is the wealth of the 10% richest group in China exceeding that of the same group in America.

All in all, the wealth of Asian countries was higher than the United States, at $ 141 trillion. How Match favors the Chinese ’tendency to support higher taxes on the wealthy as it is now the United States.

The analysis showed that America and Asia control a huge amount of global wealth, explaining the interest of observers and experts in the complexities and developments of the trade war between America and China. He pointed out that one of the reasons why the world possesses so much wealth today is globalization.


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