The person who was declared as the ‘oldest man of the world’ died 2 weeks ago


On February 12, 112-year-old Chitetsu Watanabe, who was considered “the oldest man in the world” by the Guinness World Records, died.

Japan‘S Niigata Chitetsu Watanabe, born March 5, 1907, who was given a certificate by the Guinness officer on 12 February in the nursing home where he lived, lost his life with the age of 113 years.

Authorities confirmed that Watanabe died on Sunday (February 23rd).

Japan’s Mainichi newspaper reported that Watanabe was unable to eat recently and had a fever and shortness of breath a few days before his death, according to family sources.

In the news, it was recorded that Watanabe with 5 children has 12 grandchildren, 16 grandchildren and 1 grandchildren.

To the question of what is the secret to living long, Watanabe replied, “Don’t be angry and keep smiling”.

                    REUTERS / KYODO

World’s oldest male 112-year-old Chitetsu Watanabe

Watanabe, who was born as a child of a farmer family, lived in Taiwan when he was 20 years old and returned to Niigata after the Second World War.
Until 10 years ago, Watanabe had grown and displayed bonsai trees.
It was reported that after Masazo Nonaka from the Hokkaido region of Japan died at the age of 113 in January 2019, Watanabe received the title of “the oldest man in the world”.

‘The oldest person in the world’ is 117 years old

Guinness World Records In March 2019, the 116-year-old Japanese woman gave Kane Tanaka the title of the oldest person in the world. Before Tanaka, who celebrated her 117th birthday last month, the oldest person in the world was Chiyo Miyako, a Japanese woman who died at the age of 117 in July 2018.

According to the Guinness World Records, the longest surviving person in the world recorded was Jeanne Louise Calment, a French woman who died at the age of 122 in 1997.


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