The person who spoke thinner of the service driver he was discussing was arrested


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Döndü Y., who spilled thinner on the driver Eray Ç.

Eray Ç, who transported students to Mimar Sinan Secondary School in Çaycuma Çay Mahallesi last Thursday. After leaving the students to their homes, he discussed with Döndü Y.

Returns Y., brought with him thinner he poured it into the van and on Eray Ç.

Most of the body of Eray Ç., Which the citizens of the surrounding intervened, burned. The first intervention, Eray Ç., Was sent to Ankara.

Of Eray Ç. life-threatening learned to drive. Student service has also become unusable.

Police detained Döndü Y., who fled after the incident. Döndü Y., who was sent to the courthouse after his operations at the police station. arrested.


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