The Pentagon announces that the number of soldiers wounded with the Iranian attack in Iraq has risen to 110


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The Pentagon announced today, Saturday, that the number of soldiers who have suffered brain attacks due to the Iranian missile strike on Ein al-Assad base in Iraq has increased to 110 military personnel.

It was announced The US defense said in its statement that “all the injured were diagnosed with light brain tremors, adding that 77 of them returned to the official service.”

The statement added that “35 soldiers were transferred to Germany for further evaluation, and 25 of them were subsequently sent to the United States of America.”

US President Donald Trump has announced that Washington will impose more sanctions on Tehran, in response to Iranian missile strikes targeting military bases that include US forces in Iraq.

Iran has targeted the “Ain al-Assad” base in which the US-led international coalition forces are stationed to combat “ISIS” (banned in Russia) and another base in Erbil, in response to Washington targeting the commander of the Qods Force in the Revolutionary Guards, Major General Qassim Soleimani. And Iraq announced the fall of 22 missiles inside the country without any casualties among the Iraqi forces.


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