“The new Red Bull car feels much better”


In the weeks prior to the winter tests, Formula 1 drivers rely on team simulators. Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon, for example, frequently took place in the advanced machine in Milton Keynes, which has been completely updated to the values ​​of the Red Bull RB16 to be presented.

Alexander Albon is happy with how the ‘test drives’ go: “This year’s car feels a lot better, it really seems to be a lot better than last year’s car”, the Thai British driver draws a cautious first conclusion in conversation with Sky Sports F1.

“Of course we only really know how good the car is when we first hit the road in Barcelona, ​​but the feeling is good,” continues Albon, who guards for too much and perhaps false optimism: “We must of course remember that Mercedes and Ferrari, of course, did not sit still last winter. “

The Red Bull RB16 will be presented on 12 February next, after which the shakedown will also take place on the Silverstone circuit. The first winter test day follows another week later on 19 February.


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