The Mexican Craft Avia Center will receive the first Russian Ansat helicopter in April


MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Mexican aeronautical company Craft Avia Center expects to receive the first Russian Ansat helicopter next April, the company’s general director Jose de Vicente told Sputnik.

“Everything is ready to receive the Ansat, more or less in a month, in March they would be embarking and the transit is one month, that’s why I say April,” he said.

He said the company expects to receive a total of 13 Russian helicopters: two for itself and another 11 for its customers, including logistics, medical and air taxi companies.
In addition, the company expects that in the next five years, within the framework of a national project, 27 Ansat helicopters will be supplied to Mexico that will serve as an air ambulance.

He indicated that the Ansat certification process in the Latin American country must conclude this year.

While the helicopter that will be supplied in April will be able to fly already because it will have Russian crew and a “temporary permit from the Federal Agency of Mexican Civil Aviation,” he said.
In turn, the Craft Avia Center helicopter maintenance center in Guadalajara, a project implemented in cooperation with the Russian manufacturer Helicopters of Russia, is now operational.
The light multipurpose helicopter Ansat, from Russian Helicopters, is used in sanitary aviation, and can also be used for passenger and cargo transportation, VIP flights, environmental control, etc.

The Ansat also passed the high mountain tests that confirmed its ability to work in mountainous areas at altitudes up to 3,500 meters.


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