The main opposition leader in Italy Salvini, has criticized the government’s policy towards Libya, ‘We should do like Turkey, “he said


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Matteo Salvini, the main opposition leader in Italy, criticized the government’s policy of staying neutral in Libya. Extreme right-wing League Party leader Salvini, “we are no longer a credible interlocutor in Libya. Libya if Turkey sends troops that are further away from us, because Italy is doing its job,” he said

Övgü Pınar from BBC Turkish the news Salvini, who held a press conference at the Foreign Press Association in Rome, answered questions on national and international issues, including losing his immunity and opening the way to trial by the vote held in the Senate yesterday.

Salvini opposed the policies of the current Italian government on the Libyan crisis, criticizing the government’s meeting with both Libyan National Reconciliation Government Prime Minister Fayez el Sarraj and General Khalifa Hafter.

Salvini said that the Italian government has lost credibility by not making an election in Libya. Salvini continued as follows:

“Italians pay the price of the government not making an election in Libya. If you say that you are with Sarraj when you meet with Sarraj, and that you are with Hafter when you meet with Hafter, you will lose all your trust. The Italian government, as always, is a bit with that side, a little with this side. If you are with it and with it, you will lose your trust in both sides. “

‘I am talking to the legitimate government’

“I was talking to the interlocutors from the legitimately recognized government. I was in talks with that government’s Interior Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Prime Minister,” said Salvini, former Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister.

Salvini also described it as “surreal” that Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte attempted to meet with both Hafter and Sarraj at the prime minister palace in Rome last month.

Conte hosted Hafter at the prime minister’s office on 8 January and then announced that he will meet with Sarraj, but Sarraj canceled this meeting at the last minute. The Italian press wrote that Sarraj’s cancellation of his visit to Rome was effective in learning that Hafter was officially hosted before him, and criticized the Italian government for signing a “diplomatic beak”.

Matteo Salvini criticized Prime Minister Conte’s criticism, saying, “It was surreal for the Italian Prime Minister to meet with the person who bombed the Libya airport before the Libyan Prime Minister in Palazzo Chigi.


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