The legendary swimmer Petar Stoychev got a season ticket for Levski’s matches


The winner of 11 World Cups in open water swimming and a gold medalist from the Planetary Swimming Championship – Peter Stoychev, today became the holder of a season ticket for Sector A at Georgi Asparuhov Stadium.

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Stoychev was a competitor of Levski during his racing career. He joined the campaign of “blue” fans to help the club in the difficult time.

The champion waited close to an hour for the queue at the shop of “Gerena”, and then invited the “blue” community to unite and support Levski.

Balance sheet: Levski's fans raised BGN 100,000 a day

Balance sheet: Levski’s fans raised BGN 100,000 a day

It is expected that at 19:14 every day there will be an accurate account of the funds added

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