The kidnapped Saudi 27 years ago: The kidnapped girl raised me the best education and we will defend her because she is wronged


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The Saudi youth Nayef Al-Qaradi, who was kidnapped from his family 27 years ago, spoke of the woman who kidnapped him as a child.

“I was keen on raising my best husbandry and feeding me the best food,” Al-Quradi said in a video. “She was depriving herself of everything for my sake.”

When asked about his knowledge about the story of kidnapping and changing identity, he answered, “We only know days ago about kidnapping.”

“We will defend her because she is wronged and she did not fall short with us and had it not been for her good treatment of us, we would not have become the same today. I did not ask her for anything and she refused to provide it to me,” Al-Quradi added.

It is noteworthy that the security authorities seized a citizen in the fifth decade of age who applied to extract the national identities of two young men who claimed that they were two found found nearly twenty years ago, and took care of them and brought them up without reporting them.

According to reports, the two children were kidnapped in 1996 and 1999 from the Women and Childbirth Hospital in Dammam, hours after birth.


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