The Israeli defense minister is threatening: We will not hand over one centimeter of our territory to the Arabs


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We will not allow the transfer of a centimeter of land from the land of Israel to the Arabs, “said Defense Minister Naftali Bennett.

Conducted newspaper Yediot Aharonot, the Hebrew, this evening, Wednesday, a lengthy dialogue with Bennett, during which he announced his rejection of the American plan for peace in the Middle East, known as the “Deal of the Century”.

Bennett noted:

Trump’s plan (Bennett calls the American peace plan by that name) mentions the term Palestinian state 159 times, and the expression sovereignty (Israeli sovereignty over the Palestinian or Jordanian territories) only 13 times. Whoever deludes himself and thinks that we are not heading toward a Palestinian state is mistaken.

The Israeli Minister of Defense affirmed that the “deal of the century” has a huge danger and there are tremendous or rare opportunities (meaning the annexation of areas in the West Bank to Israel), and that they should act properly.

On the extent of his relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and their position on the US peace plan in the Middle East, Bennett said:

Without Bennett, along with Netanyahu, they will not impose sovereignty over one meter of land. The only possibility for Netanyahu to impose sovereignty on one meter of land is with a strong Bennett.

In a related context, he mentioned website “I24 NEWS”, this evening, Wednesday, that Netanyahu described an item in the “Deal of the Century” as “a bubble.”

The site noted that Netanyahu’s speech related to the item of a proposal to include the “Triangle” area in occupied Jerusalem in Israel, which is inhabited by Arabs, in the future Palestinian state, in exchange for annexing parts of the West Bank to Israel.

“Everyone understands that this clause is nonsense. The last thing I believe in is that no one should be displaced from his home, and it will not be done, and there is none of this in the deal of the century. There are some vague, nonsensical phrases, because there is no agreement on them,” Netanyahu said. From which side, this will not happen. “


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