The hidden danger in cleaning products


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Cleaning products are present in most homes, but they could pose a serious risk to the respiratory health of young children, according to a new study, carried out by Canadian scientists.

When analyzing the respiratory health of 2,022 children, it was discovered that those whose parents used cleaning products more often had a 37% more likely of being diagnosed with asthma before his 3rd birthday
The experts they believe that frequent exposure of babies to products such as dishwashing soaps, dishwashing detergents, multi-surface glass cleaners and laundry soaps can damage the lining of the airways. The chemical agents contained in these products could lead to an inflammatory response of the organism.

“We cannot determine which brands are worse than others based on the data we have, but we believe that the findings are sufficient to tell the public that perhaps they should limit their exposure or find ways to minimize the danger of these exposures,” pointed Jaclyn Parks, lead author of the study, to Canadian media CTVNews.

A solution to minimize problems is avoid spray products. These are the ones that offer the most risk to the health of babies. Instead of spraying them it is recommended to apply them with a cloth. In addition, surfaces that are cleaned with chemicals should be rinsed.


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