The Government of Colombia and the FARC party agree to visit a region affected by a wave of murders


BOGOTÁ (Sputnik) – Representatives of the Colombian Revolutionary Alternative Force of the Common Party (FARC) and government delegates will visit on February 6 the municipality of Ituango (northwest) to discuss the solutions at the exit of about 60 ex-combatants and their families after threats and murders

“In an urgent meeting of the CNR [Consejo Nacional de Reincorporación] on the situation of the ETCR [Espacio Territorial de Capacitación y Reincorporación] from Ituango, a visit is agreed on February 6 to discuss solutions with an ETCR commission and define actions for its transfer, “said former Twitter Pastor Alape, leader of the FARC party (left).

For his part, the Presidential Councilor for Stabilization, Emilio José Archila, who early met with Alape, indicated that the meeting discussed the transfer of ex-combatants.

Archila remarked that the Government is interested in “its security and its effective reinstatement”.

The statements are known after this visit to the ETCR was scheduled for February 3, as announced on January 31.
On January 31, Archila said that since May 2019 the Government recommended to former ex-combatants of the former ETCR of the Santa Lucia village that they should be transferred for security issues and constant landslides at the site.
However, he indicated that the ex-combatants had decided to remain there and that only after the killings they announced that they would leave the area within two months.

The ex-combatants also said they made the decision on January 30 due to lack of support to boost productive processes in the area.

The central government has the alternative of relocating ex-combatants in 500 farms in different regions of the country, which are available to former members of the former Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia of the former Ituango ETCR, both for housing and to advance their collective projects

In the past 12 months, FARC ex-combatants have been killed in Ituango, the most recent of them on January 28.

According to the Verification Mission of the United Nations Organization in Colombia, since the signing of the peace agreement, in November 2016, a total of 173 FARC ex-combatants They have been killed in the country, to which 14 disappearances and 29 homicide attempts are added.


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