The Formula One boss made a bold comparison between Hamilton and Schumacher


Comparisons between Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher are becoming more common and likely to be inevitable as the Briton approaches the record of the most decorated Formula One pilot.

And when such a parallel is made by someone with Ross Brown’s reputation, knowledge and experience, it is worth listening carefully.

The director of the strongest motor sports organization, the F1, has been in the game for nearly four decades. He was good friends with Shumi before the December 2013 incident, leaving the seven-time champion in a state known for a little while in a family-owned estate in Switzerland. He also works closely with Hamilton, who has been the No. 1 ace in the competition for 15 years.

Lewis already has six titles and if there is anyone who can match Michael’s achievement, it is the British.

“They are first similar to the incredible talent they have – analyzes Brown. – Talk about things that make and are impossible for the rest. Sometimes you sit and look at Lewis’ circles in qualifications or training. And you’re silent. And that brings me back to the things Michael showed. Others just can’t be like them. “

Brown is the man who persuaded Schumacher to return to the track in 2010 to sit in the Mercedes car. He is also responsible for getting the team to take on McLaren Hamilton, convinced that this is the natural heir to the top, the German.

“Lewis deserves all that he has accomplished in Formula One,” continues the specialist’s analysis. – Every victory and title is fully deserved. Fantastic Pilot! There are people who can win here and there, on this or that runway – where with luck, where with incredible riding on a particular weekend. But with Hamilton, everything is logical and consistent. about Schumacher. “

Not everything is similar, of course – there are differences. But Brown prefers to compare the similarities and is amazed at how many they are. For example – the dedication of the two champions to every detail, training, minute with the team …

“They drive at different times, different cars and against different competitors,” reports Formula One director. “Lewis is a straightforward professional, he is dedicated to sports alone. He is careful about every detail and detail. difference – he was interfering with his knowledge and improving the car.Hamilton did not have to do it, just times are different.
At the time of Shumi, technology had not reached where it is today. Now the pilot is exiting the car and engineers have already analyzed every corner. When I was working with Michael, he was getting a piece of writing, what, where, and how it worked in the car. He analyzed and discussed with the engineers, giving them information from within, from his perspective. Just technically the sport is on another level and Lewis doesn’t need to do it. “


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