The first two planes carrying Americans from the “stricken” ship landed


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On Monday, the first two planes carrying Americans from the “Princess Princess” ship (Princess of Diamonds), which are subject to quarantine, landed off Japan, according to the “CBS” news.

Moscow – Sputnik. A US official had revealed, earlier, that 40 Americans were among hundreds of people infected with the new virus, “Corona”, on board the cruise ship “Princess of Diamond”, which is quarantined in the port of Yokohama, on the outskirts of Tokyo.

Another 14 US citizens were arrested on their way to the airport, and were placed in a designated area on the plane they were evacuating to isolate them from the other passengers.

Before that, US officials announced that 380 Americans would be transferred to a California air force base aboard two government chartered planes, departing Haneda airport in Tokyo on Monday.

The number of new cases of “Corona” virus on board the “Princess Princess” cruise ship (Princess of Diamonds) detained in Japan increased to 355 cases.

The “Diamond Princess” cruise ship (the third cruise ship isolated from the “Corona” virus) has been quarantined for two weeks since its arrival in Yokohama on the third of this month, after it was proven that a man on board was eighty years old.


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