The first statement from the Yemeni defense minister after he survived the assassination attempt


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The Yemeni Defense Minister, Lt. Gen. Muhammad al-Maqdashi, affirmed, “The national battle that the national army is fighting continues until it fully achieves its goals and liberates the capital, Sana’a, and the territories under the control of the Houthi militia, backed by all Iran,” after surviving an assassination attempt.

Al-Maqdashi said, during his inspection visit to the fighting fronts in Naham, Sana’a, Hailan, and Al-Majhhh, west of Marib, “No obstacles, challenges, or targets can discourage the Yemenis from proceeding to restore the country and defeat the rebel militia and terrorist groups, and that the precious sacrifices underestimate the cause of the nation, its dignity, and its elevation.” ” According to the agency Yemeni news “Saba”.

He also clarified that “the military operations waged by the National Army against the coup militia are continuing on various fronts throughout the country.”

The Yemeni Minister of Defense stressed “the importance of redoubling efforts exerted and assuming responsibilities to implement the tasks entrusted to move forward along the path of the national struggle to liberate the entire soil of the country and restore its security and stability.”

The price of Al-Maqdashi is that Saudi Arabia stands with the Yemeni people, to confront the common dangers that Iran and its Houthi tools that supply it with weapons, missiles, and planes aiming to destroy Yemen and the region stand behind. According to the agency Saudi news “SPA”.

Sources said today, Wednesday, that the Yemeni Defense Minister, Lieutenant General Muhammad Ali Al-Maqdashi, was transferred to the hospital after he survived an assassination attempt.

Earlier in the day, 6 soldiers of the Yemeni army, which is affiliated with the legitimate government, were killed by a landmine, targeting the Yemeni Minister of Defense, Lieutenant General Muhammad Ali Al-Muqdashi in the western province of Ma’rib.

A Yemeni military source told “Sputnik” today, Wednesday, that “a landmine exploded at an army gathering during the visit of Minister al-Maqdisi, military sites in the Al-Mashjah front in the Sirwah District, west of Marib.”

According to the source, the blast killed 4 officers and two soldiers, while the Mogadish team escaped the ambush “miraculously.”

And the attempted assassination of Minister al-Maqdashi is the second he is exposed to in less than four months. He targeted his motorcade in Marib also in late October, with a drone.


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