The Euro 2020 prize pool is clear, here is how much Bulgaria will receive when it comes to ranking


The prize pool of the European Football Championship, which will be held across the continent this summer, will be a record 371 million euros.

Money is 70 million more than the Euro 2016 prize pool or a 23 percent jump. Each team that qualifies or qualifies through the finals barges will receive € 9.2 million in cash.

This also applies to Bulgaria if it passes the two stages of the barrage.

In teams, each team can take up to a maximum of 4.5 million euros.

This is because of the UEFA’s premiums: 1.5 million for the win, 750 thousand for the draw. In this case, if the future European champion wins all his championship matches, the maximum possible amount is 34 million euros.

In addition, teams that continue in the elimination phase will receive additional bonuses. For example, for each team that qualifies for the semifinals, it receives another € 2 million. To reach the quarter-finals – 3.250 million euros, and to participate in the semifinals – 5 million euros.

The new European champion will receive another EUR 10 million and the lost finalist – EUR 7 million. Additional bonuses are paid to qualify at the relevant stage of the tournament, not to win, specify UEFA.

Unlike the Champions League, where financial revenue may not match sports results, the European Championship is the opposite. The more one team goes forward, the more the receipts in the cashier of the respective federation increase.

One example is Euro 2016, where the Portuguese champions took 25.5 million and the lost France received 23.5 million. The lost semifinalists Germany and Wales took away 18.5 million and 18 million respectively.

But probably the biggest winner, as well as the happiest team of Euro 2016, is probably UEFA itself, which has announced revenues of 830 million euros from all sources.


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