“The ecological disaster”: New book explains why NATO and “elites” are to blame


A new book in the “Rubikon” house warns mankind of the impending environmental disaster. In the face of global climate protests, the political, economic and military elites are under pressure. In the Sputnik interview, co-author Ullrich Mies demands: “The elites must be overthrown. This is the only way to save our planet. “

A book recently appeared on the German-language book market that fits the current zeitgeist. Against the background of national and global climate protests, “Rubikon”, the magazine for critical mass, brought the end of 2019 anthology “The ecological catastrophe: to save the planet means to overthrow the ruling elites” out.
“Like the Titanic once, mankind is racing straight towards the catastrophe without slowing down and course correction,” says the book’s blurb.

The two editors – the publicist Jens Wernicke and the secret service expert and publicist Dirk Pohlmann – let top-class authors, some of them world-class, have their say. Among them Noam Chomsky, the journalist Karin Leukefeld, Rainer Mausfeld, Caitlin Johnstone, Franz Ruppert, Hermann Ploppa and many others.

“There is total media failure in our country when it comes to environmental degradation and global warming,” writes editor Wernicke in his book introduction “The Planet Destroyers”. Co-editor Pohlmann adds in his contribution: “There are problems in everyday political life that come and go, which in principle can also be solved. And there are two threats that could destroy all higher life forms on our planet: the possibility of nuclear war and the collapse of our climate. ”

Political scientist and NATO critic Ullrich Mies also wrote a contribution to the new book. He then granted an interview to Sputnik.

“Fridays for Future” and “Extinction Rebellion” as triggers

“This new book was triggered by the protests of ‘Fridays for Future’ and ‘Extinction Rebellion’ and many other climate and environmental protection organizations at the end of last year,” said co-author Mies in an interview with Sputnik. The social and political scientist studied in Duisburg and Kingston, Jamaica, with a focus on international relations and writes for various media, including “Rubikon” or “Sharp-Left”. In 2017 he wrote the book “Facade Democracy and the Deep State” with Jens Wernicke.

“We ourselves as a collective of authors understand this book to be a wake-up call to the population,” said Mies in an interview. “So that she understands the serious situation we are in.” It is time for the population of Germany and the world to “take note of the seriousness of the situation and face the Herculean task ahead of us, which the ruling elites have been doing systematically procrastinate for about 50 years. “

Criticism of the criticism: “It is important that young people do something at all”

We find it particularly “unsavory”, he emphasized, “that these eternal know-it-alls from different camps are also dragged into the dirt again because they are partly supported by the wrong people. As if it were a criterion for not putting the fundamental problems on the agenda and putting pressure on the ruling elites. ”Then he made it clear:

“It is crucial for us that young people become active again and take to the streets for their key future concerns.” It is a pity that rash “Greta-Thunberg-Bashing” and partly overly exaggerated criticism hit the young climate activists. Because: the young demonstrators would be right in the matter. The world is actually facing “an ecological catastrophe”: Not only is the climate changing. The “endangered eco-sphere”, huge plastic islands in the world’s oceans and garbage dumps that can hardly be organized, and the overexploitation of nature – keyword rare earths for electronics and cell phone production – are acute problems for mankind.

“From the point of view of the authors, there is currently a completely narrow discussion,” said co-author Mies. “The big ecology problem is reduced to the climate debate. To put it more correctly: the big ecology debate is not taking place. It must not be operated at all, because then the whole broken system would skid. Instead, the Internet war broke out over whether there is a climate crisis at all and whether it was man-made. Whole debates about hate are currently going on and the participants would like to prick their eyes out. ”This is very regrettable.

“Nature doesn’t care who destroys it,” Mies writes in his article “Planetary Super-Gau” in the new book: “Productivity, ideologies, the class opposition, colonialism, imperialism or whatever war is going on.”

end of January spoke already “RT Deutsch” with him about the new book.

Why political and economic “elites” are responsible

“All the authors in the book consider the political and economic elites to be largely responsible for this negative development,” the political scientist told Sputnik.

“Because the self-proclaimed ‘elites’ are” exactly those who arrogantly raise themselves above the concerns of the population and see themselves as the navel of the world and switching centers of power. It is these ‘elites’ who set the course in business and politics. Not the population. And that is why we consider the responsibility of the ‘elites’ to be disproportionate. The interests of the population play no or a completely subordinate role in the facade democracies of the West. The main features of all the problems addressed in the book were known 30, 40 or even 50 years ago. ”

To save the planet: “overthrow elites!”

The ruling “elites” in politics, business and the military are “not part of the solution, they are the central problem,” said Mies.

“They don’t want to leave radical market capitalism because it guarantees their wealth and their positions of power and functions. The ‘elites’ are systemically interwoven with the money-power complex – as Hans-Jürgen Krysmanski put it in his book: ‘0.1% – The Empire of the billionaires’. The ‘elites’ are an integral part of radical market capitalism. Nothing can be expected from above, only from below. This is only possible through massive pressure. Hence the gigantic maneuver against environmental activists. In the UK, the police have already classified the extinction rebellion as a terrorist. ”

The author collective is “convinced that we in the West need a complete change of the economic and political system, which can only be accomplished if the so-called ‘elites’ are exchanged. The necessary fundamental change can only take place if those who have led us into the gigantic environmental misery that is directly connected with the question of peace are overthrown. ”

What is completely forgotten in the climate debate: NATO and the military

The political scientist warned that the realities of climate change were already emerging, with a view to NATO’s western military alliance and other military activities:

“The climate debate has long been eaten by the US military, and climate change has long been a fact for the Pentagon. The U.S. military is already preparing for climate change because its core task of fighting Russia and China sees itself as being massively limited in its ability to act and its core task of waging war due to the increasing effects of climate change. The US military sees itself as being massively endangered by the climate problems they are facing. US warfare is under threat. That is why military researchers are so interested in the environmental issue. Since the climate-relevant data run together on about 4000 military bases in the United States and again on about 1000 external US bases, which are distributed worldwide. “

The current climate debate does not do justice to the seriousness of the situation in which mankind finds itself. “This narrowing is a masterpiece of psychological warfare and propaganda because, of course, ultimate certainty can only be achieved when the people in the coastal regions are up to their necks and the last glacier, the Antarctic and the Arctic have been defrosted.”

In my view, the West “has completely failed with its development model, and to this day the so-called leadership elites are still unable to think in terms of cooperation – on the contrary. They rely on confrontation because they know that within their own capitalist growth logic there can only be other countries. That is why they are upgrading and wasting valuable financial and, of course, resources and affording highly socio-parasitic military machines. And look at the military strategies of the West in the specialty of the United States and NATO. Everything is going in exactly the wrong direction – with the Merkel government in the gunboat, so to speak. ”

US President Jimmy Carter: Problem identified in 1977

Interview partner and author Mies took a historical look back, because long before the current work there were “outstanding scientists and intellectual pioneers” who had drawn attention to these problems decades ago:

“The US government under President Carter had already commissioned a large environmental study, ‘Global 2000’, in 1977. Their results were available in 1980: Over 1,000 pages of environmental knowledge, gigantic, you can still read that today. Since that time, no one on the government floors has been able to talk themselves out of the fact that he or she did not know or could have known what our environment was like. All of these findings from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s of the previous century have not led to the necessary fundamental rethinking to this day. On the contrary: the Carter study disappeared again under the Reagan administration and it was not just ‘business as usual’, but the entry into the neoliberal phase of capitalism. ”

The West had “not yet understood how to harmonize nature consumption, the economy and consumer behavior among the broad sections of the population. So the madness continues and since the total victory of capitalism in 1989/90 it has gone into an intensified globalization. With all resource wars that are already underway and that are still to come. ”For example, Mies was referring to wars about the raw material water, which have been raging for several decades – especially in dry regions and desert areas. Mostly completely unobserved by the global community.

“We are facing an environmental disaster …”

The consequences due to a missing or inadequate environmental policy in Germany, Europe and the world are currently visible to everyone:

“Today we are facing an environmental disaster because the ruling ‘elites’ have not used the past 40 years to create an economic system that is in line with the planet’s reproductive capabilities. Since humanity is now at the last fork in the road – at the last turnout, so to speak – to save the planet and thus itself, due to the gigantic omissions of the ruling classes, we have compiled the articles for current reasons. We have all done this to point out the drama of the situation, which is no longer tolerated. ”

Mies made it clear that the new “Rubikon” collection volume differs from other specialist books on environmental problems “through a radical approach”. “Because all authors believe that any cosmetic corrections or ‘green capitalism’ or this or that form of form is not enough,” he criticized.

“Ask a physicist if limitless growth is possible in a closed system of limited resources – he laughs dead and will tell you that you belong in the closed department of psychiatry. But outside the political batches tell us that this is possible. “

“Humanity must finally understand that …”

The political scientist believes that the major powers of tomorrow, and in some cases already today – China, Russia or India – will catch up on the development “on the basis of Western standards without absolutely destroying the planet.” Humanity must finally learn to understand “that it is economic – and the political system must harmonize with the limitations of the planet. That humanity either makes peace with the planet and with nature and that its economic models are absolutely subordinate to these limited resources. Or it will go down mercilessly. ”

In conclusion, a sentence by the world-famous left-wing intellectual Noam Chomsky warns the entire earth population: “The current generation has to make a decision whether organized human society should survive for a few more generations – and it has to do it quickly because we have no time to waste to have.”

Jens Wernicke & Dirk Pohlmann (ed.) Et al: “The ecological catastrophe: saving the planet means overthrowing the ruling elites”, Rubikon operating company, first edition (November 2019), 384 pages, 24.80 euros ( as an e-book: 14.99 euros). The book is commercially available everywhere.

The radio interview with Ullrich Mies for listening:


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