The dog ‘Eva’, who was poisoned from smoke in the house that broke fire, was rescued by cardiac massage


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In the fire in a 7-storey apartment building in Yenimahalle district of Ankara, while 1 person was affected by smoke, the doberman dog “Eva”, who was stuck in the apartment and was poisoned by smoke, was saved with a long-term cardiac massage.

The fire occurred in an apartment on the 2nd floor of the 7-storey building in the Kentkoop Mahallesi Emekevler 92 Estate in Yenimahalle district of Ankara around 01:00. The fire, which started in the living room of the apartment for an unknown reason, quickly surrounded the whole house.

Many firefighters, 112 Emergency Service and police teams were dispatched to the scene upon the notice of the residents who noticed the heavy smoke. While the police evacuated the building in a short time, firefighters also extinguished the fire after the work, which took about 20 minutes. In the fire, 1 person affected by the smoke was sent to the hospital by ambulance after the first intervention at the scene.

Stuck in the apartment where the fire broke out, the doberman dog ‘Eva’ and a cat were poisoned by heavy smoke. A citizen and firefighter who realized the situation entered gir Eva into the house and found unconscious under the seat. ‘Eva’, which was taken out, was brought to life after minutes of heart massage performed by Abdullah E. and healthcare teams.

The owner of the dog who came to the scene had a nervous breakdown. The cat and dog removed from the house were taken to the animal hospital and treated. Police launched an investigation into the incident.


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