The cynical end pulled the gold from Dudov in Rome – Battles – Fight


With extreme drama and treacherous luck, Bilyana Dudova lost the final by Anastasia Nichita to the final at the 59 kg in Rome. Our Borkina lost in the last three seconds of the match after leading by 4: 2, a new end Nichita made an aggressive attack 180 seconds before the end and after the lost objection Dudova remained with the silver medal in Rome.

Earlier Miglena Selishka took the gold at 50 pounds!

Dudova took the first two points of the battle after slipping behind Nichita’s back and knocking her down on the mat. The referee then straightened the two athletics to continue the fight. The Moldovan tried to defend herself from a distance, but Biliana managed to clasp her hands in a grip that prevented Nichita from attacking the healer. In the middle of the first part, Dudova locked the opponent’s head, but the Moldovan got away.

After the end of the first part Biliana Dudova retired by two points, having played an excellent first minute in Rome in the final to the 59 kg.

The instruction of the Bulgarian headquarters at Biliana was to attack Nichita’s left elbow, while Dudova involuntarily struck Nichita’s head with his head. Dudova found herself in a difficult situation after the opponent locked her across the waist, but great protection neutralized the future actions of the Moldovan.

Dudova tried to attack Nichita, but a counterattack by the Moldovan brought her two points 1:52 before the end.

With a tactical element and a touch, Biliana threw Nichita out of the carpet 27 seconds before the end, and the Moldovan headquarters challenged the decision. However, the opposition was lost by Moldova and the result was 4: 2.

Absolutely naive, Dudova made a loss two seconds before the end as Nichita caught her cross and took the two points for the Moldovan.

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