The cruelest prehistoric slaughter in Europe? Creepy find in a cave in Spain


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They find human remains with evidence of extreme violence in a cave in the Spanish Pyrenees. The killing of these unfortunates, who inhabited the cave 7,300 years ago, is unparalleled in archaeological terms at European level.

The archaeological site of Els trocs He witnessed a massive massacre, of which at least 13 bodies remained. Experts have focused their study on nine of them, five of which belonged to adults, Y four children. They all inhabited the cave during the first occupation, between 5326 and 5067 B.C.

The study, conducted by Spanish specialists, reveals that the prehistoric individuals of this phase, called phase I, are chronologically separated by more than 1,000 years from those who inhabited the site in the subsequent phase II.
The signs of extreme violence presenting the skeletal remains of the victims: the skulls of four of the five adults show lesions caused by arrow shots, and it has been determined that the rest of the people were hit with blunt objects in the head and in other bones.
Investigators have observed a large fragmentation of bone remains in general. Even signs of violence post mortem, which gives rise to imagine a scene full of cruelty.

“We dare not say that it was a ritual slaughter. It seems that they were wounded with arrows in the vicinity of the cave, and that they were subsequently introduced into it, where the blows and wounds continued even after death,” in words by José Ignacio Royo, research participant specialist.

As experts have raised, the motivation for such a carnage could be “a matter of territorial disputes or of theft of cattle or women“, something common when it comes to primitive man.


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