The Colombian peace court exhumes 54 bodies of victims of extrajudicial executions


The Special Jurisdiction of Peace (JEP) of Colombia recovered 37 bodies in the Las Mercedes cemetery, in the municipality of Dabeiba (Antioquia), within the framework of the second day of exhumation of victims of alleged extrajudicial executions, which already add 54 bodies recovered in that place since last December.

The JEP “informs the public that, in the two days of inspection and exhumation in the Las Mercedes cemetery in Dabeiba, it recovered a total of 54 bodies related to ‘false positives’,” the court said in a statement.

The bodies were found in 16 graves of the cemetery, of which a military officer who took refuge in that jurisdiction and who has knowledge of the places where some victims of extrajudicial executions by state agents were buried in State the framework of the internal armed conflict.
In December last year, when the JEP began work in Dabeiba, the forensic team of that court recovered 17 human remains, while on the second day of activities, which took place between January 17 and February 21, they exhumed 37 bodies.
“Among these findings are the bodies of a family with military garments, two children, several women, bodies with rubber boots and bodies with skulls with a gunshot wound with the presence of warheads. Following the protocols, these findings will be delivered to the National Institute of Legal Medicine, “the JEP added in a statement.

While the forensic team of the JEP carried out the work in the Las Mercedes cemetery, Legal Medicine officials collected 45 DNA samples in the municipality and conducted 60 interviews for the respective matches with the bodies exhumed in the holy field.

“The JEP carried out several inspections in rural Dabeiba to fix five points where there would be remains of people missing by the FARC [antigua guerrilla, hoy convertida en partido político de izquierda]”added the peace court, created within the framework of the Havana peace dialogues to judge former guerrillas, military personnel and third parties who financed the conflict.

The process of exhumation in the Las Mercedes cemetery is carried out within Case 3 of the JEP, known as the false positives, and the study of the precautionary measures of 18 places in the country where the remains of missing persons would be.
According to the Prosecutor General of Colombia, between 1988 and 2014 a total of 2,248 victims of extrajudicial executions, of which 48% were young men between 18 and 30 years.
A report from the Prosecutor’s Office presented to the JEP indicates that the phenomenon described there increased substantially since 2002 and had its most critical stage between 2006 and 2008, just during the years of right-wing president Álvaro Uribe (2002-2010 ), and high-ranking soldiers and soldiers were involved in the events.

Through these practices the military sought prebends and promotions, so they murdered those thousands of young people in various regions of the country, whom they passed as guerrillas fallen in combat.


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