The Chinese press is trying to make people laugh in the shadow of the epidemic: the ones caught in the throttle cameras


The press, who wanted to make the Chinese people quarantine and anxiously wait for the coronavirus epidemic, shared a video of the images of people caught while gas is being released into the thermal cameras.

in China with a coronavirus outbreak The press, which wanted to distribute the pessimistic air that spreads together, managed to extract humor from the strict controls all over the country.

Government Global Times Newspaper shared a video of people captured on gas cameras measuring their body temperature while emitting gas on social media. The gases emitted in the video, which is accompanied by entertaining music, appear as a red cloud. Even a even a dog caught while extracting gas.

Global Times, “Can’t you do it without gas? Then try harder because the infrared heat sensors placed in airports and train stations recently show everything because of the coronavirus outbreak. ” used expressions.

‘This melancholy will disappear in the ear of spring’

The Chinese media have been trying to give positive messages to the public for a while.

One of these People’s Daily also shared a video from the spring with a quiet music on Twitter. In the message, “All this melancholy and frustration will disappear under the sun and the open sky, in the hands of spring” expressions were included.

‘Flowers will bloom again, noodles will be eaten again’

China’s global television network CGTN also shared a video from the city of Vuhan where the epidemic started, and stated that “people do not want to leave the city because they feel love and responsibility”.

In the voiceover made in the message, “The coronavirus hit my city, but we’ll get through it. Everyone is united and we will fight the virus. I believe everything will return to normal. Cherry blossoms will open again, the streets will be filled again, and people will eat their noodles again for breakfast at restaurants ” The statement said.


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