The Chinese President gives an important mandate to the army to end the Corona “virus”


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Chinese President Xi Jinping has instructed the military to keep his mission in mind and take responsibility for contributing to victory in the battle against the new “Corona” epidemic.

“The army has strictly implemented the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, after the outbreak of the new Corona virus in Wuhan, Hubei Province,” Xi said, adding that “the armed forces quickly began a joint mechanism to prevent and control the epidemic and sent high-level medical teams to fight the epidemic at the front.” Front “, as per Agency Xinhua.

He explained, “The task of preventing and controlling the epidemic is still difficult and complex,” calling on the armed forces to assume their responsibility and fight in the cruel battle and effectively assist the local authorities in combating the epidemic.

In his capacity as Chairman of the Central Military Commission, the Chinese President has instructed 1,400 doctors and nurses of the armed forces to treat “Corona” patients at Huoshanshan Hospital in Wuhan from Monday.

The hospital can accommodate 1000 beds, which is temporary and intended for the treatment of patients infected with “Corona” virus, and China was able to build and equip it within 6 days after the outbreak of the virus in this central province.

The Chinese army was assigned to build and equip this hospital in Huxhanshan City in Wuhan Province on January 23, and it was ready on the 29th of it, and began receiving emergency cases from the injured patients immediately.

And China announced, earlier today, that the number of deaths of the new “Corona” virus has increased to 304 people, while the number of confirmed infections has increased to 14,380 cases.

As reported by the Central Television of China on the National Health Committee, the number of deaths inside the country reached 304 cases by the end of Saturday, an increase of 45 cases from the previous day, and all new deaths were recorded in Hubei province, the focus of the spread of the virus, as the Philippines announced the first death outside China due to outbreak of new Corona virus, a Chinese man from Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus.


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