The central bank chief warns the people


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The head of the Central Bank of Iran warned the public: “Don’t put your assets at risk with the new profit-making scheme.”

“These days, speculators and renters of the currency market see the outcome of the upcoming FATF meeting without knowing the complexities of its process, not suspending the suspension, and speculating on the impact on the exchange rate of many advertisements,” Sputnik reported. They have launched their own advertising channels. ”

He added: “I have said before about the importance of this issue, but in the current situation where most foreign banks do not have the necessary cooperation with Iranian banks due to the intensification of US sanctions and our currency exchange through alternative and unobtrusive banking mechanisms. The boycott is done, the future decision (whether or not the FATF can be extended or not extended) cannot have a significant impact on our country’s currency conditions, and most of the news in this regard is driven by profitability and fluctuations in the currency market. ”

“The launch of the FATF issue to effect exchange rates through speculators and cyberspace, the realities of foreign exchange market and foreign exchange trading, and the prospect of opening new channels, is not consistent,” Hemmati stressed.

In addition, the central bank will continue to oversee the fight against money laundering and anti-money laundering in addition to managing the currency market. Dear people, take care not to risk their assets in the currency market with the new approach of the beneficiaries, this time under the influence of FATF. “


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