The cemetery bill was passed by the legislature


Thiruvananthapuram: The legislature unanimously passed a bill giving the right to Orthodox and Jacobite burial in Christian cemeteries. Minister AK Balan said the law is being implemented to eliminate law and order issues and ensure a decent culture for the deceased. The legislature also passed the Panchayati Raj and Municipality Amendment Bill today.

The funeral bill was brought in the wake of a dispute between Orthodox and Jacobite churches. In view of this, the subject matter of the Opposition and other churches has been adopted by the Bill Subject Committee, which applies the law only to the Jacobite and Orthodox churches and includes the word “corpse” instead of dead.

Significantly, the chief minister was not present in the House when the bill was considered. Minister AK Balan said the bill would not affect the other sections. He said the concerns should be changed.

Minister AC Moideen told the Assembly that the government is not trying to sabotage or delay local elections. The government is not afraid of any election.

The Opposition Leader demanded that those who voted in the Lok Sabha elections should attend the meeting and change their name. Minister AC Moideen replied that he would comply with the court order.

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