The boss of the fake news site “Bivol” with a new dose of manipulation against Geshev


The chief editor of the Bivol manipulation site Atanas Chobanov apparently received a fixation from the prosecutor’s office and the prosecutor general Ivan Geshev. After yesterday’s cheap provocation of Chobanov against accuser # 1 did not pass, today the same person has again become a “troll” and has started pouring suggestions.

Yesterday Geshev explained in detail to Chobanov that the prosecutor’s office would investigate any person for whom he found evidence, regardless of his social status and social status.

However, it seems that the teleconference factory and its chief cannot find peace and wonder how to protect their masters, who are clients of the state prosecution.

Apparently the Bivol are extremely upset with the allegations against TAD Group because their tap has stopped.

However, Chobanov and his colleagues opened the faucet with fake news, which is no wonder pouring against their own “lamb heads” and sending them into oblivion.

Since their hysterical screams against the prosecution do not receive widespread public response, they will remain for their consumption and that of their Kremlin masters.


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