The Blasters drew a draw against Odisha in the final match of the season


Bhubaneswar: The Kerala Blasters’ draw in the Indian Super League ended in a draw yesterday. The Blasters held off Odisha FC 4-4 in their match. The Blasters’ draw came after going 4-2. The Blasters’ goals came in the last minute, including during the inning. Blasters equalized with Ogbeshe’s double, Messi Bowie’s goal and a goal. Manuel Ongu scored a hat-trick for Odisha. Another goal by Odisha came from Martin Perez. This leaves Odisha with a chance to finish fifth in the league.

Odisha got ahead of Onwu’s goal in the first minute. But in the sixth minute, Kerala Blasters drew the equalizer with Narayan Das’s goal. But the Blasters took the lead in the 28th minute with a goal by Messi Bowley. Later, Odisha was dominant. In the 36th minute, Freewick put Ondu back on track. Perez gave the hosts the lead with a penalty goal scored before the first half. Odhu once again gave Odisha the lead in the 51st minute when he scored another free kick.

The Blasters escaped with two penalties, though they were expected to return in the final. The Blasters scored their penalty goals in the 83rd minute and in the interim. The Blasters are in seventh place with 19 points from 18 matches. Odisha earned 25 points.

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