The birthday of Yoko Ono, the controversial woman of the music world


February 18 is the birthday of Yoko Ono, the artist of Japanese origin who has been famous worldwide since the 1960s for her conceptual art and for having been the partner of John Lennon, founder of The Beatles.

For many, it entered history as the culprit of the breakup of the musical band and became the worst enemy of some Liverpool group fans. However, his figure also generates admiration and many rock historians claim their artistic contribution to the band.

Lennon and Ono met in 1966 in a gallery in London where an exhibition of their works took place. At that time, they were both married, but they started a romantic and artistic relationship.
In 1968 they released the album Unfinished Music No.1: Two Virgins with a picture of them two naked on the cover. In March 1969, the extravagant couple got married.

Many fans have blamed Yoko for separating the Beatles, but the band was already in crisis. The death of his manager, Brian Epstein, some financial problems, the emotional wear and tear of the members and the lack of a unique vision regarding the future of the group provided what was necessary for the breakup of the band.

The relationship between John and Yoko became more tense and the couple separated for two years. They reconciled in 1975 and had their son Sean. The marriage ended abruptly on December 8, 1980 with the murder of the musician at the door of his apartment in New York.

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Yoko Ono, with her husband, John Lennon, founder of The Beatles

Yoko Ono continued his life as an artist. In 1981 he released an album titled Season of Glass, where she showed her mixed feelings after the death of her husband. At 87, he continues to devote himself to artistic life.


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