The ban on private lotteries enters a final ballot in a hall


Changes to the Gambling Act proposed by
Valery Simeonov (NSBF) and supported by GERB and the government were adopted on
second reading in the Budget Committee. The amendments provide for a ban on organizing
of lottery games by private operators and the transfer of all this activity to
The state sports sweepstakes. Thus, in practice, the license of the “National
lottery “of Vasil Bozhkov and created an artificial state monopoly.

12 of the members of the GERB commission and the United Patriots voted in favor of the amendments. BSP abstained from voting with a motive,
that they do not have a 100% guarantee that they will not pursue multiple lawsuits against
the state on the part of both the former private operators but also on the part of
their partners across the country who have long-term contracts

“Our main argument is that there is no 100%
a guarantee that the budget will not be affected by any claims. There is none of us
give this guarantee because it will be the result of legal proceedings. We have no right to
we take such risks. You have enough votes, take the risk and
vote, “Rumen Gechev addressed the ruling majority in the House.

The chairman of the budget committee Menda
Stoyanova said a detailed study of the jurisprudence in others has been made
countries where gambling is either purely governmental or certain games are
monopolized. “There are plenty of landfills in this case against different countries, according to
the fact that one or the other state has assigned only one state
operator gambling activities. In Spain, all gambling is state-owned, with others
countries only some games. Absolutely all ECJ rulings are
they affirmed the right of any country to do so, although it could
contradicts the EU Treaty, “Stoyanova said.

Concerning the concerns that besides
EU law, these changes also contradict the Bulgarian constitution, it
stated that there was a decision of the Constitutional Court saying that they could
restrict certain economic freedoms when they are to the benefit of society.

She expects the changes to the Gambling Act to
enter the final vote in plenary next week, and for three days
after the promulgation in the State Gazette, the texts began to act in private
operators are not licensed to organize lottery games.

Another change adopted today in committee is
the ban on selling coupons everywhere, as it is now. Only the objects of
The sports sweepstakes will have the right to distribute lotto games themselves
they will not be located less than 300 meters from schools and kindergartens

However, the Chief Executive Officer of the State Sports Totalizer Damyan Damyanov
stated that this could prove unprofitable for the company as it is currently
it maintains only 550 of its sites and has contracted external services with others
over 1000, which is where the main profit of the tote comes from. “From this external
network we generated BGN 24 million in revenues for 2019
we have a contract – for example, “Bulgarian Post”, “Tobacco Market” and other small ones
shops in the country that are accessible to absolutely everyone, “said Damian
Damyanov. According to him, many sites have been closed in 2016-2017 since
have been proven to be unprofitable and finding new ones will increase the cost of
the maintenance company – rent, salaries, etc. “It would increase the cost of
maintenance and will reduce the deductions we make to the principal “(Ministry
of sport – ed.), he added.

On this note, his deputies replied that
when he is a market monopolist, toto will have enough revenue to be able to
withstand more objects.

The BSP had submitted a bill that they could
also banned the indirect advertisement of gambling in Bulgaria, but it was rejected by
the governing.

“Let’s ban indirect advertising
we will discuss at a later stage to solve the difficult problem now. The next change
of the law, once the Sports Tote has stabilized, we will prepare new ones
changes where there is also a ban on indirect advertising. The subject is explosive and
such abrupt changes with total restraint would rather bring harm to
sports on the one hand and the difficulty of absorbing these lottery activities on the part of
The sports tote, “said Valery Simeonov.

However, he said he wanted to ban it altogether
mass gambling in the country and casinos and bingo halls should be available only in resorts and at
border areas. “The casinos are too many, the bingo halls are too many.
These forms of betting must be limited in boundaries and large
resorts, “Simeonov said.

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