The 60 Gypsies arrested in Rosino were from hostile families


The 60 people detained in the village of Rosino in Karlovo were from two hostile Roma clans. This time, the scandal between them grew into clashes TrafficNews. Shortly after 7.30 pm, at the order of Plovdiv Police Director Yordan Rogachev, a specialized police action was held in the village. A total of 42 addresses, 106 people and 26 motor vehicles were checked.

16 acts have been drafted. Pre-trial has started production for a crime against Angel Srebrov, Ivan Srebrov, Salko Srebrov, Stefan Pironkov, Jesus Yordanov and Radka Yordanova. They were also detained in Karlovo. Rapid proceedings were also initiated against the minor Gecho, who was also detained in Karlovo. 300 pieces of handmade cigarettes were seized and 700 gr cut tobacco without an excise band from Elenka Angelova’s home. The Karlovo District Office has taken 60 people, 33 of whom were criminally charged. A firearm was found and seized – a smooth-bore hunting rifle, a parallel, 12 cal. unidentified make and model, without number and two cartridges, GULSAN hunting rifle, cal. 12 without ammunition, supersonic hunting rifle, 12 gauge without registration numbers and without ammunition.

A day before the action, Plovdiv Police Director Yordan Rogachev sent a letter to Karlovo Mayor Emil Kabaivanov regarding the illegal houses in the villages of Rosino and Hristo Danovo. A timetable is expected from the mayor to begin demolishing illegal buildings in the area.



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