The 21st century plant: this is how the new MC-21 Russian passenger airplanes are built


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The 21st century airplanes must be built in modern companies. Sputnik invites you to tour the Irkutsk aeronautical plant, where the new MC-21 Russian passenger planes are built, to learn some production secrets.

Modern production has to be economical, technological and efficient. At the Irkutsk plant, more than 20 types of ships are produced.

MC-21 (Russian acronym for Master Aircraft of the 21st Century) is a series of Russian commercial aircraft of new generation designed for short and medium distance flights.

Russia is currently developing the MC-21-200 model with capacity for 132 to 165 passengers and the MC-21-300 model for 163 to 211 passengers.

The first flight of the MC-21 took place on May 28, 2017. The completion of the certification is scheduled for 2020. Mass production would begin in 2021. The first aircraft operator will be the Russian airline Aeroflot.


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