The 16-year-old was impressed with the dramatic ATP win


The young Carlos Alcaras, considered the great hope of Spanish tennis, impressed with his first ATP tournament match.

The 16-year-old tennis player received a wild card for the ATP 500 in Rio de Janeiro, grabbing a spectacular first round victory.

He is up against his experienced compatriot, Alert Ramos Vinolas, who is 15 years older and 365 places ahead of the rankings.

Alcaras showed the age-envied character of the court and achieved a dramatic 7: 6, 4: 6, 7: 6 victory 3 hours and 36 minutes play.

At no point on the court is it apparent who is the former # 17 with 34 Grand Slam appearances and a 16-year-old debutant on a similar stage.

In the decisive third set, the young man fell behind with 0: 3 games and 0:40 in the fourth, but managed an incredible turn.

The media in his home country are extremely impressed with his game, and they always stop to praise him and the expectations for a glamorous future in the tennis elite. “>

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