That’s why expensive limo drivers are aggressively on the road


Many luxury car owners, whose social status must be higher than average, are often kept behind the wheel of their car like a tire.

This problem is noticeable not only in Bulgaria but also in other countries, which is why there are not many videos on the network that explain the behavior of car owners of the brand Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Audi.

Of course, not all of them behave Gamen on the road, but the jokes about these cars are no accident.

“The answers are straightforward: selfish people who are contentious, stubborn, unpleasant and distrustful, and more often than not, own a premium car such as an Audi, BMW or Mercedes-Benz,” a research release said.

The study involved 1982 Finnish drivers and also analyzed their personality types. The idea, which inspired the lead author of the study, Professor of Social Psychology at the University of Helsinki Jan Eric Lionkvist, says that drivers who “go red, take the advantage of pedestrians and as a rule drive recklessly and too fast, buy German cars more often “.

He knew that studies from the past had shown that expensive car drivers were more likely to ignore the rules of the road and drive “unethically” than others.

Lonquist tried to answer the question: what kind of people own these cars? In the course of the study it became clear that these were less responsive, less kind and less attentive men. In doing so, he found no connection between the woman’s self-centeredness and the luxury limousine.

“These character traits also explain why given drivers violate traffic rules more often than others,” the scientist explains.

Research has shown that organized, ambitious, respected and efficient people also often choose premium cars, looking to create an image of self-sufficiency and reliability. The difference between these two types of drivers, no matter what kind of car they drive, can be seen in the driving style, Blitz concludes.

Sofia, Bulgaria

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