“That was the heat of the moment, I am definitely not done with Bazoer”


Riechedly Bazoer has lost his base at Vitesse. Trainer Edward Sturing expects more from the former Orange International and currently prefers other players.

“At the moment, Bazoer is not good enough at the position where he would like to play,” says Sturing in conversation with the Gelderlander. Vitesse is currently struggling with its shape and, according to Sturing, unity is needed to get the team back on track. That doesn’t bring Bazoer, the trainer thinks. “I make a different choice. That is top sport.”
Vitesse deposited a transfer fee of one and a half million euros for Bazoer, but that is no reason for Sturing not to put the midfielder in the bank. “I don’t look at reputations. Everyone has the same requirements. Quality counts. You have to live up to your reputation every day.”
Earlier there was a confrontation between Leonid Slutsky and player in the catacombs of Papendal. However, guidance indicates that there is no conflict. “That was the heat of the moment. Frustration, because football was bad. I am definitely not done with Bazoer. We are going to get him back. That is largely with him. As a technical staff we want to help him. “

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