Thailand announces 7 new HIV infections


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Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health announced seven new cases of the Coronavir virus today, three Thai and four Chinese.

This brings the total number of declared cases in the country to 32, which is one of the highest number of infections in the world outside China, according to “Reuters”.

“All seven cases are in hospital,” said Swansachai and Tanengcharunchay, director-general of the CDC.

He told reporters that one of the infected Thai was among a group of 138 people evacuated from Wuhan, China, on Tuesday, which is the epicenter of the outbreak.

He added that the other injured dealt with tourists.

He added that three of the injured Chinese belong to families in which previously infected cases have been announced, while the fourth is a tourist from a “risky region” in China.

There are 23 Chinese out of the total cases reported by Thailand so far, while the remaining nine are citizens.

Swanachai said that another patient was allowed to go home, raising the number of hospital discharges as of today Saturday to ten.

He added that another 22 patients are still in hospital.


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