Technical and vocational schools very critical for new attainment targets: “School fatigue will increase”


According to Lemmens, young people who have consciously chosen vocational training will have less interest in general subjects and will therefore leave school without a diploma much faster. “If you want to become a butcher or plumber, you really want to follow those practical subjects. If you take them away, there really is a problem.”

The chairman also fears that the programs in the schools will lose quality. “We must deliver good professionals to the business world.” And that would be jeopardized by the smaller number of practical lessons, says Lemmens.

According to him, the criticism can now be heard at almost all vocational and technical schools. “I note that the same criticism can also be heard among the other educational umbrella organizations. We happened to have a meeting with the minister yesterday (Ben Weyts, Flemish Minister of Education for the N-VA, ed.) And we have our criticism there too brought forward. We shall now see how he deals with this further. ”

Listen below to the conversation with Kitty Geerinckx, director of the VTI in Kontich:


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