Tax authorities stop with more people provisional refund – Extra


Due to adjusted rules, the Tax and Customs Administration has halted the provisional tax refund of 124,000 people. That is tens of thousands more than in previous years. If those involved believe that the decision is unjustified, they can still request a refund, according to a spokesperson for the tax authorities.

Those involved received a letter about the cessation of the amount at the turn of the year or even in mid-January. The decision often saves these people hundreds of euros per month. It is probably wrong in thousands of cases, reports RTL News.

The tax authorities say they want to prevent people having to pay back afterwards. If it appears that they are still entitled to a refund, the amount will be paid out for the rest of the year. Normally the expected refund is spread over twelve months.

Limiting risks

The Tax and Customs Administration wants to limit the risks if, for example, the income cannot be properly estimated. Normally, the provisional return automatically takes place from year to year.

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